my Ruki's done!!!
was making this for like I don't know how long!! I'm so happy and satisfied now XDD
it's never fnished due to assignments and lack of time =_=
but now it's finish I'm freaking happy hahhaah~ *giggling like crazy*

mind to check it out?

can't wait to start my new project of ryutaro *is hyper now XDD*
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photobucket is gone!? OMG O___________O
my layout is gone LOLOLOLOLOLOL~
did it happened to you too guys, or is it just PC-san playing trick on me? orz

btw, today is kinda hectic in my house,, there will be a gathering in like a few hours ahead,, have to do this, have to do that,,
and my home assignments is being neglected,, u____U
is going to be busy,, since I havent finished it and my inspiration is STUCK!

anyway~ happy Sunday everyone~
have a nice day~~ ^__________________^

EDIT!!: photobucket works again in my PC orz

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good morning~

I think this insomnia issue is getting a bit dangerous now lol~
it's almost 3 in the morning, i still haven't sleep, haven't felt sleepy, and is still waiting for my cellphone to be fully charged bzzzzzzt

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oh, have I mentioned I'd found my laruku CD finally?
it made me really happy lol~

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today I watched travel and living, and today show is all about Tokyo~
at first it was fun~
there was a restaurant that's famous with the Tuna and the sugoii owner called Oyaji
and also a bit about Sumo,, etc
but the thing that caught my attention the most is...

Alcatraz E.R.

it's quite freaky,, it's a theme retaurant and I almost puked while watching it XD
I mean, sucking on human's brain as cocktail!? are you f*cking serious!? XDDDDDD
it's not real human brain though, it's a mannequin, but it's still kinda freaky
I want to make an entry about this but haven't found much "ingredients" to make a full report XD
when I got all the pictures and info, I'll make a post, ASAP :X

oh nooooooo!!

I just lost my L'arc~en~Ciel CD!!
good thing I've rip it into my PC O_O
but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't want to lose it!!
Yukihiro looked so handsome in that Kiss album and I haven't scanned it DDDDX
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toys story 3 = awesomeness *____________*

so i watched it already twice!
it was last week on thursday with friends from university, and I watched it again (just now!) with my highscool friends~
this movie is soooooooooo enjoyable!!!
I want to watch it again really XD
so nostalgic~ and still very funny! the story line is still awesome~
I like this movie~~ love love loveeeeee~~
have you guys watch it? :D

entryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >_______

it had been a while since I made any kind of entry,, ;___________;
so I'm in a full week holiday... well, it's not supposed to be a holiday because Monday I'll start the end of semester exam
this full week should be used as a preparation for my exam
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I haven't prepared for anything xD
well anyway~~~
I use this week 'holiday' as my week to read a lot of mangas :D
and you know what,, I cried a loooooooooootttt!! like a lot,, I'm such a crybaby u_u
I dunno, it was just only mangas, but I cried xD
and FullMetal Alchemist ended! I was so happy but at the same time sad,, why is it ended so fast?
well not that fast xD it had been a few year since I read that manga
I was still in highschool when I first read and watch the anime,,
and it finally ended when I am in university now,,
thanks Hiromu Arakawa sensei for making such a great manga to fill my days these years ^^

and I forgot of Suga Yuusuke-san's birthday this year,, =_= this is the worst
I'm a bad fan ;__________________;

p.s: I still don't want FMA manga to be ended,, but well.... hufffffffff~